Tiffani Rodriguez

TiffaniRodriguez_ForTheHOFTiffani Rodriguez

Tiffani is from Texas but she is a military mom and stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, with the 101rst Airborne Battalion and a Sergeant.  She is a first time mom and was unable to have her family to help her with her newborn.  I was there when she delivered the baby but had to come back to Texas within a week.  She is a full time soldier, wife and mom, my grandson is the sweetest baby I have had the pleasure to be around.  She served 1 year in Iraq left Feb 03 and returned Jan 04.  She is getting ready to be deployed back to Iraq and will have to leave her new baby & husband.  I admire her because she is getting all of her affairs in order so that her husband & child do not need anything while she is gone.  She is so gentle with him and does not like to ask anyone for help.  She spends as much time as she can with him cherishing every moment that they are together. Knowing that she will soon be leaving him behind.  I think that she is a really special young mom with her priorities being her baby first (along with her husband) and everything after.  You can see my grandson’s eye light up when he hears his mommas voice or sees her.  To me she is one of a kind especially being a soldier I believe that makes her even more special since she wants only the best for her family.

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