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StephenWard1stRunnerUpStephen Ward

Steve’s best years have been spent in Texas.  Shortly after he learned he was going to become a father, the most important title he would have in his life.  He has taken the job of father very seriously.

Shortly before our daughter was born he decided to go back to school through correspondence in order to better his carrier and hopefully be able to spend more time at home with his family in the future.  In order to do this without taking any time away from his family he does all of his studying while he is on the road working as a pilot.  He will often fly for 14 hours then stay up several more studying. This allows him to spend quality time with his two children, Tayla 3 years and Jabin 18 months when he is home.  In addition to studying for his degree he has also read several books on parenting like “What A Difference A Daddy Makes” by Dr. Kevin Leman and “Bring Up Boys” by Dr James Dobson but most importantly he reads his Bible so that he can raise our children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”  Ephesians 6:4b KJV

When he walks in the door after being gone for several days you can just see the faces of our children light up with delight.  Some men enjoy watching their children but don’t really relate to them when they are young.  My husband rarely just watches the kids but is nearly always actively participating in their play.  If the kids are awake you can usually find him reading nursery rhymes, building block towers, playing in the sand box, being a “Daddy jungle gym”, or playing some other creative game with the kids.

His hobbies used to be riding bicycle, working in the garage, and hiking, but since becoming a father his single most important hobby is his children.  Now he hooks the trailer up behind the bike and takes the kids for rides with him.  These rides usually end up with a long visit to a nearby park with Daddy sliding, giving pushes in the swing and helping the kids learn to climb the rope ladders.  He still rides long miles on his bike but he does it at 5am so he can be back before the kids wake up.  He is the first person they ask for each morning.  When he works in the garage he always has helpers.  He doesn’t get near as much done as what he used to but that doesn’t matter because he is spending quality time with his children.

Instead of long hikes in the woods Steve now takes short hikes to the edge of the creek or lake and watches as the kids throw rocks in the water.

Nature has taken on a new perspective as seen through the eyes of a child and you can tell Steve enjoys this part of nature more than the actual beauty of nature itself.  Any man can be a father but it takes a special man to be a Daddy.  My husband is a true Daddy to our two children and they look up to and adore him.

Another aspect of being a good father is being a good husband and helpmate.

Steve takes over as primary care giver when he is home, changing diapers, getting Tayla and Jabin dressed, feeding them at the dinner table, entertaining and playing with the them and taking special care with their bath and bedtime.  He is not above doing household chores and is always willing to help out where ever he can.  He always gets up with them in the morning allowing me to sleep in if I need to.   When they were infants he got up with them in the night when he was home.  He also understands the importance of Mommy having time away from the kids sometimes and will call up one of my girlfriends to come take me out for a night while he watches the kids.  Although sometimes I think he has more fun at home with the kids than I do having a night out.  There is nothing he enjoys more than spending time with his children and I am confident that my son will grow up knowing not only what it is to be a man of God but also what it takes to be a Godly husband.

Steven Ward has a heart the size of Texas when it comes to his children, and the fatherly virtues anyone would be proud to posses.  I could not chose a better man to be the father and Daddy of my precious children or think of a man more qualified to be the ultimate Texas Dad.


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