Heather Herndon-Wright


Heather Herndon-Wright

Born in Beaumont Texas, not only is Heather Herndon-Wright an inspiration to all women who know her, she’s an amazing example of what it takes to be a phenomenal mother.

While attending The University of Texas she became a proud mother.  Though things were not ideal, she never struggled with single motherhood she triumphed through it in stellar form.  Her whole life became dedicated to helping other women make lives for themselves, protecting unborn children, and inspiring those around her by bringing awareness to the gift of life through organ donation, all the while raising two children of her own.  She taught her son and daughter to be strong but compassionate, resilient but kind, and to stand in the face of adversity with grace and understanding.  Furthermore, she never stopped teaching them to love their fellow man, and help those who could not help themselves.  Through all of this God was equipping her for the most unimaginable obstacle ahead.

On September 12th of 2004 her 18-year-old son Derek died suddenly in a car accident.  Her faith has never shine more brilliantly then through this devastation.  Even at the depths of tragedy her heart was receptive to giving his.  Because she knew what she raised her children to believe in, she knew that Derek would have wanted to help others with the organs that he no longer needed.  The woman who received his kidney ended up being an old business acquaintance of Heather’s whose career she had helped to start up ten years earlier.  Later this woman went on to become the mayor of The Colony among many other accolades.

Her acts of kindness ripple throughout the community and touch many beyond her grasp.  Heather’s passion to help others and heart for giving is truly without bounds.  She was put here on earth as an angel to serve others.  This will be her first mother’s day to spend with only one child, get only one hug, and receive only one gift, even though she has given so many herself.  Without a doubt she will make it through this affliction with the same poise she always emanates.  No one deserves this honor more than my beautiful mother Heather Herndon-Wright.


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