Robert Wheeler


Robert Wheeler

Robert (Bob) Wheeler serves Texas with an unflinching devotion to the Lone Star State and those that love her.  An accomplished author, Bob has written powerfully on what makes Texas Texas and what makes a Texan a Texan.  Further, his insights on what it means to get along, serve others and pull together when the chips are down are inspirational.

Through Bob’s seminal work “Forged of a Hotter Fire,” he provides deep insight into the psyche of Texans, both native and naturalized.  The lessons contained therein deal with:

Defending Your Turf:  Bob describes how a 90 pound Texas grandma went to the mat for her fishing spot.  From that, we draw parallels to Travis at the Alamo, Houston at San Jacinto, and Bum Phillips with the Oilers.

Supporting Your Friends: Bob describes how he nearly died from a severed pancreas at age 9.  Through the support and prayers of friends and family he recovered from an injury that should have killed him.  From this are drawn important lessons in faith, loyalty and support.

Doing Your Part:  Bob describes his first computer.  The Apple II+ cost nearly $1,400 and 13 year old Bob didn’t have the money.  His father charged him with earning half.  Over a summer, earning less than $4.00/hour, he scraped the money together and got his machine.  He kept his eye on the prize and did his part.

These and tens of other examples illustrate and elucidate what it takes to succeed in life in Texas and beyond.  Bob’s drawn from a lifetime of experience and produced a significant contribution to Texas literature.  His work in propagating and propelling the legend of Texas is deeply appreciated.


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