Mark Pearce


Mark Pearce

Mark Pearce was exactly like any other young man.  He was healthy, optimistic, athletic, full of life.  Things couldn’t have been better, things couldn’t have looked better.  Then, tragedy struck.

Mark’s challenge began innocently enough.  He was waterskiing on Lake Ray Hubbard in 1995.  He took a spill.  From that, a horrifying sequence of events followed culminating in Mark being diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic fever.  Less than 30 years old, his arthritis was consistent with someone in their 70s.

In short order, Mark found himself enduring a punishing, agonizing, relentless pain that made every step an excruciating challenge.

Some of the finest physicians in Texas told Mark he was certain to be an invalid for the rest of his days.  Mark declined the diagnosis and set about the Herculean task of proving the professionals wrong.

Mark, an associate pastor at Southwest Harvest Church, began by an affirmation of faith.  After deciding that he would prevail, his pastor and the entire congregation stood around Mark and prayed for him.  Soon thereafter, he was heading for a complete recovery.

Mark’s symptoms began abating.  First modestly, then more significantly, finally, after roughly 90 days, the pain was gone.  The doctor’s couldn’t explain it.  Mark didn’t care.  He resolved not just to beat the illness, but to annihilate it.

Mark began building on the athletic prowess he possessed prior to the illness.  His efforts culminated in two World Champion Weight Lifting titles.  Building upon these stunning accomplishments, Mark has established Impact, a youth organization dedicated to helping young people realize and reach their full potential.  Impact uses his inspirational story to show youth the power of faith and will.  Anything, and he does mean anything, be it athletic, academic, or artistic is within their reach.

Mark’s grace under fire coupled with an unswerving devotion to faith and family permitted him to turn tragedy to triumph.  His decision to inspire others with his first hand experience has driven countless young fans to achieve their full potential.  His accomplishments drive an appreciation of Texas and her people far beyond our borders.  For this, we are grateful.

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