Loralee Cooley

Loralee Cooley

Loralee Cooley has enchanted audiences for years with her special brand of whimsy, warmth and magic.  Since embarking on her professional story telling career in 1977, she’s shared her talents world wide.  She’s entertained in Scotland, The Georgian Republic, Washington, DC and more than 20 states.  An accomplished musician, she often uses music in her performances thus bringing additional depth and texture to her show.

Loralee has worked in several Education Regions through the Texas Tech International Cultural Center’s Outreach Program.  Through stories, music and finely crafted presentation techniques, Loralee fosters a sense of delight, tolerance and understanding among the people of Texas and the world.

A favorite of Loralee’s from The Bible comes from Philippians 4:8-9 KJV

“Whatsoever things are true… whatsoever things are just… whatsoever things are lovely: … Think on these things.”

For over 20 years as a professional performer and a friend to Texas and those privileged to know her, Loralee has dwelled on the true, the just and the lovely.  It shows in everything she does.




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