Dennis Gaines


Dennis Gaines

For more than two decades, Dennis Gaines has defined Texas through the power of his wit and wisdom.  A prolific writer, Dennis has produced more than 75 poems and stories during the past ten years.  Material for his work is drawn from personal experience.  He uses the fortunes and misfortunes that befell him during his years working the land on a South Texas ranch.  His direct experience as a working cowboy, coupled with his insights into the nature of men, have resulted in substantial contributions to the lore and legend of Texas.  Enthusiastic audiences throughout Texas and the world have enjoyed his discerning observations.

During his career as storyteller, poet, and friend, Dennis has been honored as:

The Texas State Representative Poet at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Featured guest on the Texas Country Reporter.

Featured guest in Americana Digest.

Featured guest in Southern Living magazine

Nominated Multiple Times at the Academy of Western Arts in the categories of:

Best Poet
Best Comedy
Best Storyteller
Best Cowboy Poetry Album

Winner of the prestigious Academy of Western Arts Award in the Best Comedy category.

Recipient of the coveted Will Rogers Memorial Award from The Academy of Western Arts.

Dennis has directed his substantial talent, intellect and energy into writing, verbalizing, and recording those things that make Texas unique.  His distinctive flair, creativity and talent in plying his craft drives an appreciation of Texas and her people far beyond our borders.  For that, we are grateful.


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