Connie Zocher


Connie Zocher

Over and over again, for more than 15 years, Connie Zocher has opened her restaurant and her heart to those in need.  Through her direct efforts, Connie has organized and executed numerous events and festivals benefiting those among us in the greatest need.

Through her diligence and dedication she has attracted and inspired a host of volunteers and businesses who provide talents and resources helping Connie assure those in need are cared for.  Coming from cities all over Texas, many of these volunteers return year after year to participate.  Their generous efforts help assure Connie’s success over and over again.

Connie’s skills in aligning events with the personal needs of her supporters have led to increased participation thereby generating more money to help more people.  For example, every year Connie hosts a CASI (Chili Appreciation Society International) sanctioned Chili Cookoff.  These chili cooks need participation points to participate in the annual “World Series” of chili cook-offs held in Terlinqua, Texas.  Connie hosts the sanctioned event, the cooks show up and get the points, people show up to eat great chili and Connie’s beneficiaries receive much needed assistance.

Some of the people and organizations that have directly benefited from Connie’s efforts:

Christmas In July
Biker’s Against Child Abuse
The Multiple Sclerosis Society
Local Charities & Children In Need
The Pyote, Texas Volunteer Fire Department
And others

The Native Texan® Hall of Fame is proud to induct Connie and to assist her in her future fund raising efforts.  Connie is no longer an Unsung Texas Hero.


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