Abigaile Katherine Pierson

Abigaile Katherine Pierson

Abigaile Katherine Marie Pierson was born in San Antonio, on April 11, 1998. Labeled “The Flying Baby” by the delivering doctor, Abby literally flew out on the first ‘push’ ( I was there and, trust me, she did). “I’m glad my softball coach always taught be to use both hands” was all the Doc could say, sitting there all splattered and dripping with… well, you get the picture!

A beautiful child had come into the world, her parents’ fourth, and as time has flown by Abbey has flowered into a wonderful little girl- she is now a little AND big sister.

Always willing to help and look at the giggly, silly side to everything, is definitely the best way to describe her attitude and actions toward others. Her school teachers and classmates always benefit from the bubbling-happiness that seems to surround her; She is regularly recognized by the school staff for attitude, participation, attendance, reading progress, helpfulness in class, et al.

Living through three hurricanes last year here in central Florida, sure made our family and may others re-examine our lives.  Abigaile was one of the big reasons the Pierson clan came through the way we did. When the electricity was out, and the heat was miserable, Abbey kept her parents sane by constantly asking us to read something to her, and looking back I think she knew that was what we needed.

What a living testament to Texas, The U.S.A. and to the world is Abigaile Pierson, and Her mother and I are so very proud to honor her with this nomination to the Native Texan Hall of Fame!


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