Stephen Zenker


Stephen Zenker

Stephen is a beloved family member and unswerving friend to all that know him.  An extraordinarily talented individual, he served his country in the United States Navy.  While serving, he was entrusted with many of our country’s most vital secrets.  Steve was responsible for the maintenance, operation and repair of the nuclear engines aboard the third leg of our defensive triad, the Trident Submarine.

Stephen was honorably discharged from the Navy after 6 years of selfless service.  After release, he held various posts in several engineer companies dealing principally with containment vessels for hazardous material.

Now, he is once again in the service of his country at one of our National Labs.  Steve provides insight into radiation containment for numerous projects dedicated to the defense of the United States.

Texas, The United States, and The Silent Service are indebted to him.


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