Lynn Sallee


Lynn Sallee

Lynn is well known for rendering significant service both to her family, her friends, her community and a wide variety of non-profit organizations.  This is in addition to being a very successful independent business woman.

Lynn has served as committee member and/or committee chair in a variety of important positions within the local chamber of commerce and other community service organizations.

Her service with the:

Local Food Pantry
Local Adopt A School Program
Chamber Networking Leads Group
Local Clothing Drives for the Needy
The Chamber Membership Retention Committee

are distinguished by donations of both time and money.  These illustrative contributions are a small sample of her direct hands-on approach to helping others.

Lynn’s activities are not limited to civic contributions.  She’s currently home schooling her two beautiful children.  Lynn’s home schooling efforts have been amply rewarded.  Her children all test above their grade level.  This is yet another testament to her versatility and capability.

Lynn’s energy, dedication, drive and determination to achieve success for herself, her friends and Texas provide continuing inspiration to those that that know her.  When Texan’s need a helping hand, Lynn is there.


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