John King


John King

Texas born, Texas bred and when I die,
I’ll be Texas Dead!

Thus spake my dear ole’ Pappy and I believe it.

I have tried to live by the credo that,

“Texas ain’t just a state… it’s a state of mind.”

Consequently, on those occasions when I am forced to stray across state lines to inferior territories, I try to be tolerant of those primitive cultures.

I have somehow managed to survive this life for 64 years, primarily, I believe, because of the superiority of the environment in my native state.  My three Texas born kids and six Texas born grandkids are the source of a great deal of pride to me and their Texas born mother.

As all true Native Texans are aware, our heritage demands that we act as ambassadors abroad and are, by birth, tasked to spread the belief that, “You can always tell a Texan; You just can’t tell him how much.”  We are also required, at some time during our lives to own at least one pickup, pet one armadillo, tell one Aggie joke and make at least one, preferably more, pilgrimages to San Antonio to honor the Alamo.  Of slightly less importance, but just as inspiring is a trip to the San Jacinto Monument, The Battleship Texas and Texas Stadium.

I wish to thank The Hall, The Chairman and it’s current members for affording me this honor.  I pledge to be worthy always and shall strive to further the goals to our Homeland.


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