Jack Zenker

Jack Anthony Zenker

Jack was born in May of 2003.   He was a baby boy in need of a family.  At no time was there ever a doubt in his mind that things would work out.  Despite all trials, tribulations, troubles, impediments, and challenges he knew he would prevail.  Native Texan’s do not fail.

When we arrived at the hospital, Jack was on his knees thanking Almighty God that he was born a Texan.  He took a look at us, hopped out of his baby bed, and said:

“You’re the ones, give me the keys, I’m driving.”

I tossed Jack the truck keys and we followed him to the parking lot.

Flames spewed from the exhaust as Jack piloted the Zenk Mobile to the manor.  On the way, Jack pulled into the Dairy Queen and ordered a round of Root Beers.  As we toasted his arrival, he winked at the cutie behind the counter and promised her he’d be back.

Jack’s a “Man On A Mission.”

Upon arrival at the estate, Jack leapt from the truck and asked for his lap top.

Jack quickly dashed off instructions to the Regents of Texas A&M University.  He instructed them to direct no further attention to:

  • Cold Fusion
  • Curing Cancer
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Time Travel

He’d handle that himself when he arrived in 2021.

Next, he fired off instructions to the Sergeant at Arms of the National Legislature in Austin.  The Sergeant at Arms was directed to communicate to the legislature that he fully expected 100% attendance by all representatives as required by law.

After his election to the Presidency of the Republic of Texas in 2038, there will be no more scurrying to Oklahoma to avoid your duty.

It was then nearly bed time.  As we gave him his bath, Jack noticed there was a leaky faucet in the kitchen.  He grabbed the tools from the shed and replaced the washer before laying down that first day in his new home.

I think we got a good one. 🙂


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