Bill Ricks


William Ricks

Bill came into the world in the early years following WWII, the son of a North Carolina share cropper transplanted to the nation’s capitol and grew up in the shadow of the White House and all it’s surrounding history.

The mid-sixties took him to a midwestern college for a short visit, then Parris Island Marine Corps training followed by two years of supply duty supporting our troops in Vietnam.  He then headed west  to earn a Business Management degree at the University of Portland (Oregon) then spent the next twenty one years crashing through corporate ladders in southern California while raising a family.

As a recently “adopted“ Texan, Bill shares his most memorable Texas experience.  In 1968 he played basketball against the legendary Guy Lewis and his University of Houston Cougars in the Astro-Bluebonnet Basketball tournament in the Astrodome. He was selected to the all-tournament team, a rather heady experience for a small college kid, from the inner city, playing against a nationally ranked team in front of 14,000 folks.

In 1993 he relocated back to Portland, Or. and set out on another of several attempts at entrepreneurship, knowing that many years in corporate sales and marketing could be built into something special.  It’s still a story in the making, but with the goal in mind of leaving a legacy for his three kids of  making one’s own way in the world, Bill is building his own company and teaching others to be in business for themselves.


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