Tim Couch


Tim Couch

Robert Timothy Couch, Tim Couch, was born in January, 1963. God knew what a “Proud Texan” Tim would be, allowing him to be born in the “ultimate” Texas town, Lone Star.

At the age of ten, Tim was dragged away kicking and screaming, having to move to Louisiana with his parents. His mom still tells the story today;

“Tim threw himself on the back of the truck, and said,


Being the obedient child that he was, he left Texas with his family, but his heart stayed in Texas.

Like all Texans, Tim is extremely intelligent, graduating third in his class.  Also, like all Texans, he is abundantly talented, (and, EXTREMELY good looking).

He is a singer/songwriter/musician, able to play any instrument you put in his hands. He has traveled the U.S. with his own band, toured seven foreign countries, and recorded five CDs. Most notably, he has appeared on the Grand Ole’ Opry three times! He and his wife, Kym, (her Dad & family from the “Great State”, but her herself not fortunate enough to be born there), currently travel the U.S. playing and singing. But, Texas is never far away from his mind or his thoughts.

Tim is a strong, proud Texan, and is quick to tell strangers where he had the privilege, no, the blessing to be born. He is always singing the praises of Texas. He, wholeheartedly, agrees with the phrase,

 “Texas is a State of Mind”

Whenever he has the chance, or is within 100 miles of Texas, he will always “wander over” and visit his “old friend”. And, you can ask his wife, when they cross that state line, a smile comes over his face and he salutes his home flag. He breathes easier, burdens are lighter, cares are fewer, and he knows that he is home.

Ask him what it is about Texas, what makes it “special”, and he’ll get that far away look in his eyes, as if fondly remembering every moment spent in Texas, and say,

“It’s a land of fighters, dreamers, lovers of God and country. And, I’m privileged to be one of her NATIVE sons.”



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