Mitch Jones


Mitch Jones

Mitch Jones is a creative producer/project manager who has been developing successful marketing and promotional campaigns since 1993. Originally hired to develop events and drawings, he served as:

The “Voice” of the Texas Lottery

to announce the live televised satellite broadcasts of Lotto Texas, Pick 3 and Cash 5. For four years he supervised all studio drawing activities for the state’s multi-million dollar jackpot satellite broadcasts.

During his time with the Lottery, Mitch created a series of game show promotions for Texas’ major and minor league sports teams and was instrumental in developing promotions for the various lottery games across the Lone Star state.

His influence could be seen at events ranging from the small town festivals like the Luling Watermelon Thump and Del Rio Rattlesnake Roundup all the way up to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas each year.

More recently, Mitch has been working with Encore Productions wowing audiences in the corporate trade show arena and taking on independent film, promotion and production work.



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