Linda Drumm


Linda Drumm

I was born in Houston, Texas during an undisclosed year on November 12.  While still in the crib, my Dad, Mother, Brother and I had a talk.  We decided we needed to be closer to my grandparents who were getting on in years.

And… away we went to Oklahoma.

I stayed home helping around the house for the first few years, then, I struck out on my own.  My efforts resulted in a series of incredible successes very early in life.

In rapid fire succession I:

  • Graduated from Grade School
  • Graduated From Junior High
  • Graduated From High School
  • Graduated From College

In the intervening years I held numerous after school jobs, was a cheerleader and did all the great things happy children do.  For me.. it WAS a wonderful life.

Then… it got better. smiley

I met my life long lover and got married. Through many trials, tribulations and struggles, we’ve overcome, persisted, persevered and achieved ultimate victory.

We now have three wonderful nearly grown children.  A beautiful new home.  I’m the Chief Financial Officer of a thriving organization and my husband is happily self-employed doing exactly what he wants to do.

A Native Texan can do anything!




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